Authenticity Matters to Me - Our Mission


Soul Perfection Co. was built on a solid foundation of rock. Built on a solid foundation of love, truth, and wanting to make a huge massive ripple effect in this world that will go on to change the lives of millions for years to come.

It is my mission to inspire the world to know they are capable of achieving anything they want.  I am here to heal, and share my gifts of wisdom.  I am here to be the light, to love, to serve others, and restore this world back to true health.

That comes from within.

I am here to empower, inspire, and equip others with the tools necessary to get back to their highest self.

As a leader, and role model of health and personal self reliance, I am here to empower and motivate others to find their own inner strength again, so that they too can live, love, be happy, healthy and free.  No longer victims of their circumstances but a hero of their own life.

It is my intention to be directed by spirit and only love.  It is my intention to radiate love (sometimes tough love) to my writing, speaking, and in all that I do, and towards anyone who many hear my words. 

I will trust in my own greatness, so that others can do the same.  I will be detached from EGO, as I am committed to helping serve the lives of others the best way I know how.

Love wins.  Kindness wins.  Authenticity Wins.

My greatest wish for all is that I hope I am able to do my part to heal this world, and to inspire all to wake up and truly live their life, so they too can get back to that beautiful space of total happiness, health and wholeness.


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**10% of all proceeds (unless otherwise stated on this site) from all products, book sales, online course registrations and coaching programs are given back to the community, donated to help women and children in need, put towards Cancer research, and used to build something so beautiful in the future.  We are doing good in this world!  For further details about how you are playing a vital a role, making a difference in changing the world, by changing your own world first visit**